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3 Facts About Cockroaches You Must Know

CockroachesThe appearance of cockroaches make your skin crawl, and your hairs stand on edge. Because these crawling insects may not directly attack you, but they are synonymous with filth and dirt. They contaminate food and spread diseases to humans. One of the surprising things is cockroaches saliva, feces and shed body parts cause Asthma attack.

There are many other things about the cockroaches that can make you get rid of them as soon as possible, such as:

  • Cockroaches Can Survive For A Week Without A Head

    The cockroaches can live for more than one week without the head because they don’t need the mouths to breathe. The roaches have tiny holes in their body they used to inhale and transport oxygen. Due to this specialty, they can even survive without food for maximum a month and water up to 15 days.

  • Cockroaches Can’t Fly

    Cockroaches have wings, but they can’t fly so higher. Their wings allow them to flutter for short distance. You often think that they will attack you when you find them, but they scare from you and get hidden in a secure place.

  • Cockroaches Can Hold Their Breath Up To 40 Minutes

    It sounds impossible, but it is true that cockroaches can hold their breath for a maximum of 40 minutes. Again, it happens because they don’t breath from their mouth as humans do.

    Thus, if you think your DIY cockroaches control techniques are enough to kill cockroaches, then you are wrong here. Considering the facts mentioned above, it is clear that you have to take help of professional cockroaches exterminators to remove them entirely.

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