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Rats and mice are quite annoying pests that are responsible for causing great destruction inside a property. They are small creatures who invade your home for food and shelter. Getting rid of rats and mice in not at all easy, since they manage to creep through the wall holes and door gaps. Econo Pest is a leading rat and mice extermination company in Ontario which is proudly serving both residential and commercial properties with effective rat removal solutions.

We are here to save your belongings and investment from unwanted damages done by mice and rat. Our skilled pest control experts are aware of all the latest techniques and tools needed to get rid of these pesky pests.

Signs To Identify A Rat & Mice Infestation

Why You Need Professional Rat & Mice Extermination?

Rats are responsible for contaminating the food sources and spreading deadly diseases, such as plague, Salmonella, Weil’s disease, toxoplasmosis and many other severe infections. To prevent the outbreak of ill-health conditions, it’s quite important to eliminate the rodent population from a property.

By hiring the rat removal experts at Econo Pest, a homeowner can rest assured as we use eco-friendly products to ensure a long-term rat and mice control in Ontario. We apply the right methods and seal away all the holes and entry points that are used by the pests to invade your property.

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Let Us Handle Your Rat & Mice Infestation!

There are many individuals who think that they can remove the pests by applying insecticides and sprays. Though these products may deter the rat population, they are responsible for ruining the health and hygiene of a family.

Econo Pest is your ideal choice for all sort of rat and mice troubles. Simply place a call and let our professionals assist you with high quality rodent removal services in Ontario. We deliver 100% satisfying results at an affordable price.

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