Bed Bug Extermination Services in Ontario, Canada

Bed bugs are extremely harmful pests which feed on the human blood. They are tiny and rarely visible to the naked eyes. Their adaptation to insecticides and sprays has helped these insects to survive even the toughest pest control products and treatments. To get rid of these pesky pests, it’s important to hire licensed bed bug exterminators.

Bed Bug Extermination

At Econo Pest, we are a leading bed bug removal company in Ontario, Canada that delivers effective solutions to kill the bug population inside your residential or commercial property. With the use of advanced methods and products, we strive to get rid of these stubborn insects. If you are looking for high quality bed bug extermination services in Ontario, we are your ideal choice.

What Should You Know About Bed Bugs?

  • Bed bugs can hide in the deep corners of a mattress or bedding.
  • Their infestation may get unnoticed for weeks or even months.
  • Adult bugs are about 5mm long & 3mm wide with oval bodies.
  • They often hide in the wall cracks, crevices, furniture, bedding etc.
  • An adult female can lay around 1-5 eggs per day at an average.
  • A single male can fertilize any number of females within 24 hours.
  • Bed bugs can easily survive for several months without feeding.
  • These pests are not limited to the beds and can disperse anywhere.

Bed Bug Removal Techniques We Follow

At Econo Pest, we have a team of qualified pest exterminators in Ontario who use safe and environment friendly methods to kill these blood sucking insects. Since bugs are resistant to insecticides, we follow various forms of heat remediation technology to get rid of bed bugs in a rapid and effective manner. Some methods we follow include:

  • Full Home Thermal Treatment
  • Chamber Heat Treatment
  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring
  • Dry Steam and Vacuum Treatment
  • Reduced Chemical Treatment
  • Insecticidal Dust Treatment

Why Choose Us?

Econo Pest is a trusted bed bug control company that specializes in the eliminating bug population throughout the Ontario. Our dedicated professionals are committed to deliver 100% customized treatments depending on the severity of infestation. We serve residential and commercial clients in Niagara Falls, Caledonia, St. Catharines, Welland, Grimsby, Burlington, Hamilton, Binbrook, Dundas, Waterdown, Flamborough, Oakville, Dunnville, and Cayuga. We provide:

  • Reliable and Durable Solutions
  • Multiple Control Methods
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Free Service Estimate
  • Safe & Eco-friendly Products
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