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3 Crucial Tips to Follow for a Flea-Free Home

Flea-Free HomeWhere there are pets, there is a risk of flea outbreak. Fleas are tiny pests that are known as blood suckers and live on the fur coat of dogs and cats. Their infestation is not limited to the pet’s body as they can infect an entire home. Since these pests are rarely visible, dealing with their infestation is very difficult. If your home gets infested with fleas every three or four months, keep a check on your pets and follow some control measures that are effective in reducing their outbreak.

Some tips to make your home flea-free are:

  • Check your pet for fleas
    If your dog or cat often keeps scratching their body, there might be tiny fleas residing in their fur coat. Bathe them with flea control products and shampoos to wash away the fleas and their larva. After that, apply a repellent spray or oil to prevent their infestation.
  • Clean and declutter the yard
    Fleas can reside almost anywhere and can adjust to any temperature. They can crawl over the trees, rest on a pile of dried leaves, or hide inside your pet’s bedding. The other thing you can do limit their infestation is cleaning the yard and removing the clutter at least twice a week. This will reduce the risk of the outbreak to a good extent.
  • Vacuum the entire home
    When it comes to controlling pests, cleanliness plays a significant role. To get rid of the fleas, a homeowner should conduct a deep clean drive by cleaning the interiors using a vacuum cleaner. Right from the upholstery to mattresses and rugs, vacuum everything that comes in your way. For cleaning the clothes, use hot water and detergent.

So, these were some easy tips that if followed, can help in keeping the fleas at bay. If you are struggling with a flea infestation now and then, call an experienced pest controller at Econo Pest to deal with the situation.

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