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Expert Tips To Prevent The Bed Bugs Infestation

Expert Tips To Prevent The Bed Bugs InfestationThese pesky pests are not at all limited to beds but can be found anywhere in a home. They may reach your premises through second-hand furniture, with your luggage when you return home after a business tour or via your pets. The bed bugs survive on humans, and pets warmer blood and their bite can result in swelling, itchiness and red marks on your body.

To protect your home from bed bugs infestation, here are listed some simple tips to follow:

  • Be sure to inspect the place where you will stay, be it a hotel or your friend’s home. No matter how neat and clean the area, and surrounding is, bedbugs are as tiny as a seed of an apple, and they easily hide anywhere in your home.
  • Once you are aware of signs of bedbugs, be careful while traveling. You must keep your eye on bed bugs whether you are traveling on buses, trains, planes and taxi.
  • If you have a visitor at your place, they might bring bedbugs along without even knowing about it. After they are gone, wash the clothes, including bedsheets and inspect your home to detect that blood-sucking pest.
  • A pervasive way for a bedbug to enter the house is through the used furniture. If you have bought used furniture, be careful to inspect it.

We, at Econo Pest, offer pest control services to our residential and commercial clients. Our team of professionals is familiar with eco-friendly products and techniques that are safe for you and your pets. Call us today for a free estimate.

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