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How To Determine If There’s A Flea Infestation In Your Home?

A flea is the kind of pesky creature more likely to feed on the blood of domestic animals. When these pests typically make their way into the home, become a big danger to homely pets and for human as well. A flea infestation can appear harmful as their bites can raise a mark on the skins which further become itchy and inflamed. Before such bites become worse, it’s better to hire an exterminator on the instant basis to get rid of them early.

Below are the few signs that tell your home has flea infestation:

  • Your Pet Is Continually Scratching The Body: If you notice your pet continually scratching and biting his body, then it might have fleas with him. It’s essential for the homeowner to observe the behavior of the pet at very first step. One must look for the signs like red and black droppings present on the pet’s skin and go with effective flea treatment option.
  • Presence Of Flea Dirt In Form Of Visible Droppings: Fleas are the kind of pests that have a tendency to leave visible droppings behind in the form of black pepper. Whenever you notice the signs of black specks along the carpet, then it is the clear evidence that you are living with fleas.
  • Small Bites Or Red Marks On Your Body: An infested home with fleas allows them to feed on the human blood and leaves behind small bites on the skin. A red scratch is a clear indication that you are heavily infested with the fleas.
  • Flea Visibility In Your Pet’s Fur: Fleas are the smallest creatures which usually reside in the hairs of the pup. Aside from examining your pet’s fur, make sure to check for bed sheets and carpets having such parasites hoping around.

Once you analyze all the warning signs of flea infestation, you can easily start a pest removal approach against such parasites. In order to keep the fleas at bay, you can hire our professional flea exterminators at Econo Pest.

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