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5 Pest Control Mistakes You Need To Avoid

5 Pest Control Mistakes You Need To AvoidPest control is one of the challenging tasks. Still, some people prefer the DIY remedies to get rid of them. In case of heavy infestation, there are low chances of making your home pest-free using DIY. Well, when you are going to remove the pests from your home, you must avoid some common mistakes to get the possible favorable results. The list of these common mistakes is as given below:

  • Unsafe Practices

    Several kinds of pesticides, insecticides and repellents are harmful to humans. Your unsafe technique to use them can deliver the health issues to you, your children and pets. Whether you are using the eco-friendly or chemical-based pest control products, make sure to apply them carefully.

  • Proceeding Without Knowing The Cause

    Find the cause before you proceed to treat the pests around you. Spraying on visible pests is good, but you should find from where they come. For example, the pest mostly come through the drainage systems. So, paying attention to their entry points will give further success.

  • Not Cleaning Your Home Exterior

    You messy and unkempt yards may invite the pests into your home. Remove the standing water, trash, decaying food from your house outside. If you have garden area, the rodents and ants could make their home there, so you need to keep it clean.

  • Wrong Baiting Practices

    Some people keep the bait in the center of the home to catch the pests easily. Another mistake is not baiting after getting the pests. You may have removed the adult pests baiting once. But, there are chances that pest’s eggs or younger are growing to attack you again. So, consider baiting for few weeks ahead even after you have killed some pests.

  • Incomplete Research On Pests

    Bed bugs can sense the danger and immediately drive from one to another place. Cockroaches can stay alive for several days without eating or drinking. Thus, your less knowledge about bed bugs makes them stay hidden easily.

Each kind of pest needs specific treatment and only professional pest control specialists know how to handle them. At Econo Pest, our licensed pest exterminators are well trained and experienced to make your home pest-free for as long as possible.

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