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3 Overwintering Pests Can Spoil Your Winter: Preventive Tips

If you are thinking that some dangerous pests will not be available in summer, then you are wrong. It is true that some pests get hidden in winter, but not all have the same nature. There are some pests found around the year and become active in the winter season.
In the preparation for the upcoming winter months preventing yourself from the overwintering pests is a good move. Here, you will come to know about the common pests that appear in winter as well as learn about the tips to stop them invading your residence.

  • Rat & Mice

    Rat and mice search for the food to eat and other material to chew in winter. Moreover, rodents are faster to smell the food item, this is why in summer, you need to cover your eatables and keep your clothes in a locked and secure place.

  • Winged Carpenter Ants

    Winged carpenter ants are commonly available around the trees. If there is any tree branch from your garden area moving to your home, you should cut it preventing ants to travel in your home. you should also remove the wet, damaged and decayed wood from your home.

  • Lady Bedbugs

    Bed bugs commonly available in upholstery furniture, mattress and woolen clothes like coats. One is suggested to use the winter garments after hot water wash as the extreme hot is an easy way to remove the bed bugs.

Additional Tips
  • Keep your drainage systems clean and covered
  • Discard the dustbin daily and keep it safe
  • Don’t use the old material without cleaning it
  • Leftover food should not be kept in a home

If you are unable to handle the overwintering pests yourself then pest exterminator at Econo Pest can help your providing as long as possible solution. We are here to make your winter pest free.

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