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5 Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Spider Infestation

Spider InfestationNot many people are serious about a spider infestation. They take it lightly unless they get any bad result. On the other hand, not every spider species bite, but they all cause in spreading dirty webs in your home. In a nutshell, nobody wants spiders lurking around or inside your home.

Follow the below tips to get rid of spiders. Keep one thing in your mind that spiders can attack in defense, so be careful.

Tips To Handle Spider Infestation

  • Neat & Tidy Home
    Cutting down on clutter in your house can give spiders fewer places to hide. Keep the food sealed, and floor should be swept clean, vacuum regularly, wipe down the surfaces and remove the spiders and their web.
  • Seal The Cracks
    Seal the entire tiny cracks, holes and gaps in windows and doors to prevent spiders come inside your home. Pay attention to cracks in your kitchen, bathroom and basement where the spiders are most expected to occur.
  • Keep Outdoor Lights Off
    It refers to the insects and pests that fall towards the light. These insects attract the spider, so you should try to keep lights off when not in use to keep the spiders away.
  • Use Natural Oils
    The smell of peppermint, citrus, tea tree, eucalyptus oils are the natural repellent for spiders. Spray it in cracks or corners of your house to remove the spiders.
  • Residual Pesticide
    Use commercial pesticides having some form of pyrethroid to spray in or around your home. Remember the limit of residual insecticides.

Keep one thing in your mind that these pesticides could be dangerous if you have sensitive skin. So, better is let the professionals handle spider infestation using eco-friendly solution.

At Econo Pest, ours is a locally owned and operated pest control company that is serving the residential and commercial clients with eco-friendly, long-lasting and affordable pest extermination services in Ontario. Let us make your home spider-free call us today.

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